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Stormguard 06SR0170000BL Internal Metal Letter Box Brush Cover - Black

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  • Prevents draughts coming through the letter box with draught proof brushes
  • Quick and easy to fit, with pre-drilled fixing holes
  • Rust and tarnish free wipe clean finish
  • Fixings included
Provides a draught restricting barrier to the elements outside.
Reduces cold draughts and heating bills.
Will not blow open with strong wind or gusts.
Brushes provide protection from draughts if post, junk mail or free newspapers jam open the flap.

Fitting Instructions
Position centrally over the letter plate aperture on the door.
Mark the fixing holes on the door with a pencil or pointed tool.
Drill pilot holes to receive screws. This makes fitting the screws an easy task and prevents screw damage as most wood doors are made of hardwood. Of course, also drill pilot holes for PVC or Metal doors.
Fix into place with screws provided.

There are different sizes of letterboxes and letterbox apertures (slot or hole cut in in door). Please remove your existing letterbox draught excluder (if one is fitted), measure the aperture and compare dimensions (see image for more detailed measurements) before ordering.