Stormguard 05SR6843053W 3.05m Rubber Foam Jumbo Draught Excluder Weather Strip Seal - White ~ STORMGUARD


Stormguard 05SR6843053W 3.05m Rubber Foam Jumbo Draught Excluder Weather Strip Seal - White

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  • 1 Roll Size : 19mm wide x 11mm thick x 3050mm long
  • self adhesive, No fixings required
  • can be cut to size
  • can be used for doors, windows, loft hatches, roof boxes, marine and automotive areas
  • long life rubber
Selection Guide
With so many types of tape/strip, it is difficult to determine best option.
Answer these questions to find right solution for you:

1. What is gap?
gap needs to be closed completely without making it difficult to close door/window.

2. Is gap variable or uniform?
For variable gaps, choose one that responds to different gap sizes, ie good compression.

3. What colour?
Match colour of window/door frame where possible.

4. What length do you need?
Measure doors/windows and choose from various pack sizes.

5. What is your budget?
Choose longer lasting tape, eg closed cell foam or rubber, or a quick fix budget tape, eg open cell foam.

6. Do you need a 'wipe clean' tape?
Consider that dust may accumulate on window/door frame depending on where you live or if you have no porch. Also, this dust is less visible on a dark coloured tape.

7. Are doors/windows sliding?
Choose brush pile designed for shear forces (friction forces along strip length, not compression forces). Perfect for sash windows, french doors and all sliding doors and windows.
8.Other - do you wish to reduce external street noise and access for insects?
As well as reducing heat loss and cold draughts, Stormguard tapes work as soundproofing (reducing noise from traffic, street, wind and closing doors) and closing gaps which allow insects enter home.

All Stormguard draught excluder tapes/strips are easy application self-adhesive tapes, ie requires no glue or fixings. Stormguard products are made in England by the Allmand-Smith brothers. They take care and pride in developing and producing only quality draught + weather proofing products, building on over 150 years of family experience in this industry.